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Welcome to the pearl of Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the ancient town of Balchik! The town of Balchik is situated at 42 km to the northeast Varna. Created 2600 years ago, it is a successor of the Thracianfrom village Kruni and of the ancient Greek town Dionissopolis. Situated in a suitable bay between beautiful white hills, the town is an attractive place from the deep antiquity until nowadays. Here put up the Roman poet Ovidius, Saint Atanassios, Saint Andrew The First-named. Ovidius called it The White Town! The unique nature, the ancient history and today’s romance of the town of Balchik are a constant source of inspiration to writers, poets and artists. Since the ancient times Balchik is the town of people in love. Close to Balchik are the resorts Albena, Russalka, Golden Sands. The villa areas, the mud-cure Touzlata, the yacht port, the Palace of Queen Maria and the Botanical garden, the museums, the Art gallery, the churches, the amphitheatrically situated houses, the stone stairways and fountains, all they turn Balchik into one of most visited resorts on Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The Calm Nest Palace near-by is build in 1924 on the Queen Maria’s order, combining Bulgarian, oriental and gothic elements. This corner of Bulgarian land is generously granted with ancient trees, climbing bushes, fine flowers, plenty of water, freshness and silence. There is a rich collection of cactuses in the Botanical garden. Roses make a particular impression by their variety and beauty.

Balchik Resort Gallery

Property in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Real Estates in Varna and the region.


Shop 118 sq.m.
Varna - Centrum Shop in Varna, Centrum, Bulgaria, click to know more, or see photos of this shop277 300 EUR

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House 140 sq.m.
Nevsha House in Varna, Nevsha, 47 000 EUR

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Land in Varna, Byala
2300 sq.m. Land in Varna, Byala, seaside, Click to know more, or see photos of this land80 500 EUR

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Office 33 sq.m.
Varna - Centrum Office in Varna, Click to know more, or see photos of this office45 000 EUR

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Apartment 52 sq.m.
Varna - Centrum Apartment in Varna, Centrum, Centrum, , Click to know more, or see photos of this apartment55 000 EUR



Hotel 800 sq.m.
Varna - Villa-Zone Hotel in Varna, Villa-Zone,Click to know more, or see photos of this hotel700 000 EUR


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