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Kavarna - Coastal Black Sea resort - Long lovely beach and freedom.


20 km away from Shabla is situated the town of Kavarna, with population of about 13000. Here where the modern town exists there was an fortress, called Bizonne, founded by Greek colonists in the 5th century BC. However, crucial earthquakes destroyed both the town and the fortress, and some parts of the rocks sank under the sea. In the 2th century the Romans rebuilt the town and it became an important military and cultural centre of the province, called Malka Skitiq. The city was destroyed by earthquakes and part of the rocks felt into the sea. Later the Byzantines used the fortress, too. In 14th century the town was a centre of the semi - independent Dobroudja principality, ruled by the boyars Ivanko, Balik and Dobrotitsa. It was called Karvunska Hora. In the Town` s Historical Museum tourists can see materials, tracing the history of the town. There are archeological finds, dating from ancient times to the revival period and ethnographic materials such as dresses, ornaments, textiles, etc. Today, Kavana is a municipality, region that keeps the traditions in vegetable growing, vine dressing, fruit- growing and grain- production. The city is situated 2km away from the sea, at the end of Dobrojansko plateau. The resort part of the city is situated around a bay formed by a rivulet, called Dolinata na Avligite (golden orioles’ valley).

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Shop 131 sq.m.
Varna - Centrum Shop in Varna, Centrum, Bulgaria, click to know more, or see photos of this shop307 850 EUR

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House 80 sq.m.
Botevo House in Varna, Botevo, 40 000 EUR

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Land in Varna,
6000 sq.m. Land in Varna, , Konstantinovo, Click to know more, or see photos of this land15 000 EUR

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Office 30 sq.m.
Varna - McDrive Office in Varna, Click to know more, or see photos of this office30 000 EUR

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Apartment 90 sq.m.
Varna - Centrum Apartment in Varna, Centrum, Sea Garden, Mihail Koloni str., Click to know more, or see photos of this apartment75 000 EUR



Hotel 800 sq.m.
Varna - Villa-Zone Hotel in Varna, Villa-Zone,Click to know more, or see photos of this hotel700 000 EUR


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